Suspect Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Bicyclist Along American River Bike Trail

One of our website visitors forwarded a link to a Sacramento Bee article related to an alleged assault that occurred along the American River Bike Trail this past Sunday.  As noted in the Sacramento Bee article, the assault was fortunately interrupted by other folks using the bike trail and the suspect was subsequently arrested.

While one assault is one too many, unfortunately, we have been posting information on several recent assaults along the American River Bike Trail.  We urge everyone using the bike trail to maintain maximum awareness and practice safety measures every moment along the bike trail.  We also encourage those that practice maximum safety measures along the trail to pass along the same safety tips to other bike trail users.

Three of the more important safety suggestions include avoiding the use of stereo ear buds (that restrict one’s ability to hear surrounding noises), travel along the trail with a minimum of one partner and always carry a cellular telephone device.

If you see a ranger on duty along the bike trail, take a moment to ask the ranger for other safety tips and suggestions regarding sections of the trail that may have a history of less criminal activity.

To read the details of the alleged assault noted above as reported in the newspaper, access Sacramento Bee Article.

If you are aware of other incidents that have occurred along the bike trail, please send us an e-mail link of the news article so we can share the information with all of our website visitors.



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