Assault Reported Along American River Parkway

Local Television Station KCRA 3 has reported that a sexual assault occurred along the American River Bike Trail on Tuesday, March 26, 2013.   The report notes that the incident occurred near Kadema Drive.  For details, including a telephone number to report any information to the authorities, view the Channel 3 Report website.

American River Bike Trail users should maintain maximum awareness of their surroundings when using the bike trail.  Safety along the bike trail is very important!

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  1. Steve says:

    My buddie was traveling from Downtown to Old North Sac along the bike trail, coming from the 20th and C entrance, and was brutaly assaulted in the middle of the day (Sunday) by a couple of younger males…apparently they hid in the bushes next to the stretch that rounds the open field next to the almond factory where it begins to incline more significantly and connects you to the main trail at the top of the levee right before the bike bridge…it was an “animal” style attack from the side (the guy just threw himself at my friend and tackled from the side…my friend’s head hit the pavement hard, but was saved by his helmet) , and in the middle of the incline…they took my friend’s bike, and then tried to take his backpack, and even used pepper spray to try and incapacitate him, but at least they weren’t successful at that. Unfortunately, although pretty banged up, my buddie never reported it, but I thought it should be mentioned so others would be aware of potential dangers that may be lurking…maybe some fencing along stretches like that would help??

    • Bicycle Machine says:

      This is a very unfortunate incident. More reason for bike trail riders to maintain maximum awareness of their surroundings and avoid personal stereo earphones that may distract a rider. Although is has been a while, it still makes sense for your friend to report this incident to the Police. As you suggested – perhaps a fence along certain stretches of the bike trail may help prevent these types of problems in the future. If the Police and local Government Authorities are not made aware of these incidents to review and evaluate public safety measures as time passes – the chances of a fence or more Police/Ranger personnel patrolling specific areas become slim. Encourage your freind to report this incident!

      Thanks for sharing your story.

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