Roseville Bicyclist Injured By Hit and Run Driver

We view bicycle safety as then highest priority in our effort to promote bicycling and provide information pertaining to the beautiful American River Bike Trail here in Sacramento, CA.

There is a sad news story related to bicycling circulating the news channels in Sacramento today.  A 24 year old bicyclist was evidently hit by a hit and run driver early this morning in the Roseville Area.   The vehicle driver left the injured bicyclist in the street and left the scene.  The Roseville Police Department later found and arrested the hit and run driver – with driving while under the influence added to the alleged crime.  This evening, the bicyclist remains in the critical but stable condition in a local hospital.

Why is this a relevant story to add to the American River Bike Trail website?  A Roseville Police Officer released some information related to this crime later in the day.  The officer emphasized that bicyclists need to use all safety precautions while in traffic.  Specifically, the officer emphasized that bicyclists need to improve his or her visibility when sharing the road with vehicle traffic.  Of course, failure to follow all visibility measures does not excuse or minimize a hit and run driver than may have been under the influence at the time of the crime.  However, maximum visibility reduces the chances of a bicyclist being involved in a bicycle/motor vehicle collision regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Bicyclists should always wear bright, reflective clothing and make sure their bicycle has lighting that meets bicycle code requirements on both the front and rear of his or her bicycle.  Furthermore, it makes sense to assume 100% of the time that drivers of motor vehicles cannot see you and bicyclists should always ride defensively.  A bicycle is no match for the weight and speed of a motor vehicle.

Please follow all safety rules of bicycles and share safety messages with your bicycling companions.  We are all in this together and looking out for one another is the ultimate message of safety.

Wishing all of you a SAFE and happy summer bicycling season!


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