Park Rangers Discover Body Near Bike Trail and Northgate Boulevard

The Sacramento Bee newspaper is reporting a story about Park Rangers discovering a body near the American River Bike Trail and Northgate Boulevard this past weekend.  That location in toward the Downtown Sacramento segment of the trail.  

While we prefer to report positive stories about our local bike trail – we feel it is important for our website visitors and bike trail users to be aware of crime that we learn about along the American River Parkway.  While exercise, viewing nature and taking in fresh air along the bike trail are important, personal safety along the trail rates at the top of the priority list. 

Please take a few minutes to review our website posts related to safety along the bike trail (i.e. riding with a friend, refraining from using ear buds while listening to music that will negatively impact your ability to hear activities around you, among other tips.

The page within our website that contains some useful rider tips is at the following location:

American River Bike Trail Safety

A link to the subject Sacramento Bee story is at the following location:

Sacramento Bee Story

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