New California Laws To Help Protect Bicyclists

Sacramento Bee Writer Dan Walters always offers interesting articles.  The attached article includes a personal story involving a personal friend of Dan’s that was a pedestrian involved in a bicycle hit-and-run collision.

In addition to the personal story, Dan outlines a new California Law that takes effect today that is designed to increase the safety of bicyclists that share the public roadways with motor vehicles.   In short, the law mandates a three foot border between motor vehicles and bicyclists to avoid bicycle/motor vehicle collisions.

Note Dan’s description of other laws affecting bicyclists that await Governor Jerry Brown’s signature.  The laws gives local jurisdictions authority to collect a $5 tax to modify roadway design to improve bicyclist safety and to make prosecution of hit-and-run drivers easier.

Dan’s column also mentions the debate around bicyclists sharing the cost of improving roadway design with the goal of improving bicyclist safety.  While it is easy for California to tack on fees to motorists through the Department of Motor Vehicles, how does the state pass along a share of the roadway retrofit fee to bicyclists?

To access the article, access Dan Walter’s Article.

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