May is Bike Month in Sacramento

The month of May is being promoted as ‘Bike Month’.  With favorable weather and others participating in ‘Bike Month’, this is an excellent opportunity to use your bicycle to commute to work (perhaps along the American River Bike Trail) rather than driving your automobile.  Be sure to remind your bicycling friends, neighbors and relatives that it is bike month.  Save the air while getting a wonderful workout!

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  1. BicycleMachine says:

    May is known as Bike Month in Sacramento. ‘Bike Month’ is not one event and it is not necessarily associated with the American River Bike Trail. Several organizations participate in bicycle related events. One annual event is ‘bike to work day’ to encourage folks to bicycle to work rather than traveling by car.

    The best way to learn about May bicycle events is use your favorite search engine to find bicycle groups that are based in the Sacramento Area (several are based in Sacramento). Check the group website for calendars showing May activities and events. E-mail each group to learn about other events that may be in the planning phase for the month of May. Good Luck!

  2. Joe Gonzales says:

    I would like to know about event

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