Maintenance Update: American River Bike Trail May 2016

We posted information from Folsom Lake State Recreation Department on October 1, 2015 regarding information related to a maintenance project along the American River Bike Trail in the Community of Folsom (Beal’s Point – Negro Bar section).  The information from that post can be accessed at the following location in our website: Folsom Community Bike Trail Maintenance late 2015.

We have an update on the Beal’s Point – Negro Bar project.  We thank Folsom Lake State Recreation Department for this May 12, 2016 update:

The trail between Beal’s Point and Negro Bar was closed and routed during the paving portions of the contract.  The remaining items to be completed are shoulder work, striping, and replacement of a short section of fence.  There will not be any more trail closures during the remaining work, however the contractor will still have staff and equipment on the trail that trail users will encounter along this stretch of trail.  We expect the project to be completed by the end of next week.


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