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  1. Pam weir says:

    My memories of garland go back before he was involved wirh bikes.. garland loved off road racing and you can bet he would be at every event announcing drivers during tech and at the finish line….

    He also would do anything for a bet and loved watching the game of butt darts.. haha

    I will always have a special place in my heart for him.. you will be missed by many

  2. Fred M says:

    I didn’t know Garland personally or ever talk with him face-to-face. I’m surprised how much his death has affected me.

    During my summer bike commute I would look forward to seeing him sitting on “his” bench, and especially anticipating what he would yell at me each day. Last few memories of Garland are: (1) Him sitting on the bench in what appeared to be deep thought. I rode past, waved, and he yelled, “You snuck up on me this time!” (2) Watching him hand-feed the turkeys from his bench. He looked up and gave me a smile and a look that I read as “If I wasn’t feeding these turkeys, I’d yell something at you right now.”

    I loved to observe him yelling at others who didn’t know his personality. This summer, I heard him yell something to a runner as he rode by. In a matter of seconds I saw the runner’s facial expressions go from surprise, to annoyance, to a big smile. The encounter put a big smile on my face too.

    Garland brought a lot of joy to many on the trail, including those who only had chance encounters with him and those who continuously looked forward to seeing him and what he would do or say as you ran or rode by his bench.

  3. John Russell says:

    Garland was part and parcel of the American River Trail for me. I just saw him days before his death, as he rang his cowbell and said “I was looking to see if your tires were good”! I said to myself, “I need to stop and chat with him sometime soon, but not today, I need to get back in time.” Nice reminder that there is not always a “next time” to do something important. Question: What is the process of getting that bench “Plaqued” in his honor? Maybe with his image and/or cowbell on it?

    • Rex says:

      Very thoughtful comments, thank you. As you note, we should all be mindful that life does not always give us a ‘second chance’ if we postpone an opportunity to visit with important folks in this world. ‘Today/right’ now is the best time to take advantage of an opportunity to visit with important folks.

      As far as getting a memorial remembrance approved and placed along the trail by Sacramento County, you may wish to contact Sacramento County Parks Division (Phone: (916) 875-6238) to suggest the placement of a memorial bench in Mr. Dyke’s honor. If necessary, you may wish to take the matter to the Sacramento Board of Supervisors to inquire about the process of gaining approval to have Sacramento County Parks place a memorial bench near the 18.5 mile marker where Mr. Dyke spent time interacting with cyclists. Encourage the folks responsible for making the decision to view the Sacramento Bee video attached to this website showing the cyclists event following his death. He obviously brought a smile to many faces as seen on the videos – something that may convince Sacramento County Parks Department to proceed with a memorial bench.

      Please post a follow up comment to the original article on this website to let everyone know if a memorial bench is being considered/approved along the trail near the approximate 18.5 mile marker where Mr. Dyke interacted with bicyclists.

  4. gene haydu says:

    I just read of Garlnd’s death. He teased me constantly when I ran or cycled past, or when we road next to each other. I am so sad he is gone. In the last months when I ran without my shirt he would yell at me, “where’s your sunblock?” Thank you for the short article on the man. I will miss him greatly.

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