Doing our part to help keep the American River Bike Trail clean and beautiful!

The American River Bike Trail extends between Downtown Sacramento, CA and Folsom, CA.  The American River Bike Trail is part of a larger body of land known as the ‘American River Parkway’.  Although the Sacramento Parks Department use their employee resources effectively to clean the American River Parkway and empty trash containers on a regular basis, more can be done. 

How can citizens of Sacramento and American River Bike Trail visitors volunteer to help with the ongoing parkway and bike trail clean up effort?

Two Suggestions:

First, we should all do our part to help on an individual basis.  This can mean safely pulling over to the trail shoulder area and making and effort to pick up a loose article of trash along the  trail and deposit the items in the next available trash can.  Not only do these deeds keep the bike trail cleaner, these deeds also set an example for others to take the same action when coming across a loose article of trash.

Second, the users of the bike trail should consider volunteering with the American River Parkway Foundation, a wonderful group that organizes volunteer clean-up efforts on various dates throughout the course of the year.  The American River Parkway Foundation clean-up days last for a few hours and simply involve joining other volunteers to pick up articles of trash along the parkway.

The next American River Parkway clean up day is September 21, 2013.  Visit the American River Parkway Foundation website for more information.

Let’s all do our part to keep the American River Bike Trail a beautiful and clean treasure!

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