Doing Our Part To Avoid American River Bike Trail Fires

Many fire departments across California have been busy fighting fires at multiple sites across the state.   Several of those fire incidents have been here in the Sacramento Region. Some of the local fires have been along the American River Bike Trail.

As riders along the bike trail, we can support the efforts of the fire department by practicing fire safety measures and reporting fires and suspicious activities that may lead to fires.

First, if you feel the need to contact the fire department for an activity that you feel is necessary to report, make sure you are aware of your approximate mile marker location along the bike trail.  The mile markers are the numbers painted in white paint along the bike trail.  This will make it easier for the authorities to identify your location and respond to the incident.

Some users of the American River Bike Trail take riding breaks that may include lighting a cigarette.   It does not take much to start a fire with our current drought and heat conditions.  If you are a cigarette smoker, be sure to extinguish any smoking materials completely (and double check and triple check to make sure the materials are completely extinguished) before continuing your bike ride.

According to local news reports, the fire department has responded several fire calls near the Cal Expo Parkway, behind the State Fair property.  The fires can be started by any number of reasons.  If you observe folks using fireworks or using open fires for cooking along the bike trail, be sure to alert a ranger, a police officer on the Cal Expo Property or place a telephone call to the Sacramento Fire Department if you feel the incident should be reported.

Another common cause of fires include folks tossing lit cigarettes out the window of a moving vehicle.  Please be sure to use your vehicle ashtray. Never throw lit smoking materials out of an automobile window.  Please pass along this important reminder to friends and family members that may be smokers.

When traveling with a trailer (boat, camping trailer, etc.), be sure to check and double check that safety chains between the towing vehicle and the trailer are not dragging along the asphalt road surface.  This can cause a spark that may result in a fire.  Our current dry conditions can be ignited by any type of spark.

Best wishes for a safe a happy summer season!

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2 Responses to Doing Our Part To Avoid American River Bike Trail Fires

  1. Carol says:

    I was heading up from Folsom on the bike trail to Beal’s Point and was disappointed and stopped at Oak Avenue. It is great to see some much need repairs are taking place but would have appreciated a sign noting the trail closures. Is this information available on line so a future rid can be planned with possible closures in mind.
    Love that climb from Folsom to Beal’s but love the coasting down hill even more.

    • Rex says:

      We will post information that we find that addresses your suggestion.

      Earlier today, Sacramento County Parks provided some very helpful information that addresses some trail closures between September and October 2015. That information is posted on page one of our blog. Thanks for the comment!

      Also, Sacramento County Parks clarified one other matter for us. Sacramento County Parks manages the parkway and bike trail between Discovery Park east to Hazel Avenue. The State of California Parks Dept. manages the remaining section between Hazel Avenue and Beal’s Point in Folsom. At this point, we do not have information related to the State of California section of the bike trail.

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