City of Sacramento Plans Bike Trail Extension

The City of Sacramento is planning an extension to the American River Bike Trail as per a report by the Sacramento Bee.  The extension will extend south to the Pocket/Greenhaven area.

Like image of american river bike trail cyclist.The project will be funded by a combination of financing from the Federal Government and local sources.  While this project is in the early planning stages, the newest section of the trail will not be available for several years.

For more information, visit The Sacramento Bee bike trail extension article.

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  1. Chris says:

    This trail is no longer bike friendly unless you ride at 5mph. There are too many walkers, hikers and nature observers standing/blocking the trail. I will no longer be donating to this trail or riding on it. I would rather be hit and killer by a car than be claimed responsible for running into someone not paying attention to where they are oreally that it’s called a BIKE TRAIL.I will no longer be yelled at for doing what the trail was first intended to do which was help keep bicyclists safe. Good luck out there.

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