City of Sacramento Addresses Bicycles On Sacramento Area Sidewalks

Sacramento Bee writer Tony Bizjak posted an interesting article on the  website that addresses the issue of Sacramento bicyclists using Sacramento Area sidewalks.

The article basically reports on upcoming City Council meetings that will address posting signs stating which sidewalks can and cannot be used by bicyclists.

A link to the article is at the following location: Tony Bizjak Article on Sacramento Bicycles On Sacramento Sidewalks. 

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

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One Response to City of Sacramento Addresses Bicycles On Sacramento Area Sidewalks

  1. Hilary Abramson says:

    I am the urban resident who was maimed by the impact of a bike hitting me from behind across from the Capitol two years ago. If the city used common sense, it would ban bikes from all urban sideWALKS. Pedestrians — including dog-walkers, people using canes or walkers or walking strollers or holding the hands of toddlers — have no choices. Bicyclists belong on the street, with or without bike lanes. If they are afraid to do so, then ride rural and use public transit or ride sharing until the city fixes the urban bike system problem. My husband, Tom Ross at the time, ran the campaign to create the American River Parkway. A former bike columnist for The Sacramento Bee, he wrote books about bicycling. As he says, “Real bicyclists wouldn’t dream of riding on a sidewalk.” The ordinance proposed by the council’s legal committee is a timid document that tries to be even-handed to urban bicyclists, which conflicts with its protestation that “pedestrians have the right-of-way on sidewalks.” This is one issue where trying to be “fair” to both sides creates danger for people who walk this city. And even bicyclists walk. This proposed law has sat in the Public Works Dept. for nine months. I know from decades of reporting that when another pedestrian is either disabled for life or even killed after hitting his/her head on the pavement, the city will step up quickly and write the right law at least for its self-interest. I had hoped that the city would be smarter than that.

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