New 2019 Law Affecting American River Bike Trail

A new law has been put in place that impacts folks involved in a collision along the American River Bike Trail.  Anyone involved in a collision with another person on the bike trail must remain at the scene until officials arrive at the scene of the collision.  The goal of the law is to eliminate hit-and-run collisions along bike trails.

The following link will direct you to an article that provides details on this new 2019 law:

New road law targets hit-and-runs on bike paths


City of Sacramento Plans Bike Trail Extension

The City of Sacramento is planning an extension to the American River Bike Trail as per a report by the Sacramento Bee.  The extension will extend south to the Pocket/Greenhaven area.

Like image of american river bike trail cyclist.The project will be funded by a combination of financing from the Federal Government and local sources.  While this project is in the early planning stages, the newest section of the trail will not be available for several years.

For more information, visit The Sacramento Bee bike trail extension article.

Temp Forecast for June 7th and 8th? Triple Digit Hot

Local news stations are forecasting that temperatures will exceed 100 degrees here in Sacramento through the weekend.  Bicyclists that are interested in a ride along the American River Bike Trail here in Sacramento may wish to use the bike trail during the cooler morning hours.  However, for those that decide to use the bike trail during the warmer afternoon hours, it makes sense to plan for more water intake along the trail.

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Sacramento Metro Fire Safety Message Regarding Low-River-Level Rescue Operations

Periodically, bicyclists traveling the American River Bike Trail choose to wade in the American River to cool off following a bicycle trip.   Bicyclists that choose to cool off in the American River must be extremely careful as the American River can be very dangerous.

The Sacramento Metro Fire Department has recently communicated that fire department boat use for emergency calls may be handled differently versus past years due to the current low level of the American River. Continue reading