Bicycle Safety Information

Providing Bicycle Safety Information is one role of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  We periodically review a document released by this national agency dated in 2013 that contains very helpful bicycle safety information.  We encourage all American River Bike Trail users to review this information and share the information with their children, if applicable.

Some great bicycle safety information!

NHTSA Bicycle Safety Information Article

City of Sacramento Addresses Bicycles On Sacramento Area Sidewalks

Sacramento Bee writer Tony Bizjak posted an interesting article on the  website that addresses the issue of Sacramento bicyclists using Sacramento Area sidewalks.

The article basically reports on upcoming City Council meetings that will address posting signs stating which sidewalks can and cannot be used by bicyclists.

A link to the article is at the following location: Tony Bizjak Article on Sacramento Bicycles On Sacramento Sidewalks. 

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

Suspect Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Bicyclist Along American River Bike Trail

One of our website visitors forwarded a link to a Sacramento Bee article related to an alleged assault that occurred along the American River Bike Trail this past Sunday.  As noted in the Sacramento Bee article, the assault was fortunately interrupted by other folks using the bike trail and the suspect was subsequently arrested. Continue reading