American River Level Near CSUS College

We have two photographs that show the change in the level of the American River between May 2015 and Feb 2017.   Click on the photos for a close up view.  Notice the H Street Bridge in the distance connecting East Sacramento and Campus Commons. 

American River view from Guy West Bridge May 2015.

View from Guy West Bridge (near CSUS College) in May 2015, looking North.









View of American River from Guy West Bridge Feb 2017.

View from Guy West Bridge (near CSUS College) in Feb 2017, looking North.

American River Bike Trail Photos


guy west bridge and american river bike trail

Guy West Bridge, looking North.

Enjoyed a nice ride along the bike trail today.  Weather was very nice, with the temperature in the high 80’s.  Started my ride near Cal Expo and traveled east past Watt Avenue.  The golfers were busy perfecting their swings at the Campus Commons Golf Course (Near the H Street Bridge Crossing).  Cycled by some squirrels and ducks along the way.  Took some pictures along the way – both scenery and nice folks bicycling the trail.

Be sure to note that tomorrow (May 2, 2015) is the Half Marathon Event.  The American River Bike Trail will be closed between 6AM and Noon for this event.  Also, tomorrow is supposed to be perfect weather in Sacramento for a bicycle ride.  The trail will be available for everyone to use starting at Noon.

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