Bike Trail Wildlife Sightings

For those that wish to view wildlife along the bike trail, we seem to encounter some interesting creatures along one stretch of the American River Bike Trail.  That section is between the Watt Avenue overpass and the William B. Pond Park.  Deer, turkeys, rabbits and other animals seem to spend time in the vegetation along that section of the bike trail. Does anyone else see common wildlife sightings in the same section?  Bike trail users from out of town may be interested in planning their bike trail trip around areas with common wildlife sightings.  Please provide your comment below.  Thanks!

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3 Responses to Bike Trail Wildlife Sightings

  1. BikeCommuter says:

    Under the Watt Avenue bridge in the gap between sections is a colony of bats that can be seen around dusk. Unfortunately, it is about time for them to have migrated away until next year.
    I commute the bike trail after dark and very often see: deer, rabbits, skunks, opossum, raccoons. Infrequently, I see a fox or two and once even a beaver. During the day there are all the birds, turtles and occasional otter and of course more deer.

  2. jeffrey mcdonald says:

    So far this summer i have seen two rattle snakes sunning on the trail, a fox and bookoo dear.

  3. Faith Galati says:

    Cycling at 6:30 pm last night and encountered 2 very long gray lizards crossing trail slowly (2 miles east of Arden parking lot). I’m curious to know what they are. They seem to be seeking heat of the pavement and moved extremely slow.

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