Bike Trail Assault: Near Sunrise Walk Bridge

One of our website visitors provided information related to an alleged assault that occurred along the American River Bike Trail this past Sunday, 2/15/15 at approximately 6:00 P.M.  The report identified the location near the Sunrise Walk Bridge/boat ramp area.  For individuals outside of Sacramento, the Sunrise Walk Bridge vicinity can be identified on a map as the area where Sunrise Boulevard crosses the American River. The  victim in this incident requested that we provide information as a warning to others traveling the American River Bike Trail in the same area.

The victim has informed us that several teens approached and punched him several times.  He indicated that some other people walking in the area were able to interrupt his attackers and render assistance to help him to his feet.

We appreciate the victim sharing information related to this serious incident.  Making others aware of this type of criminal activity along the bike trail helps others maintain a high level of awareness while traveling the bike trail in the same general area.  We also wish this person a full and speedy recovery from injuries suffered during this incident.

Safety should be everyone’s top priority when using the bike trail.  Four high priority safety points to remember when using the bike trail: 1. Always use the trail with a minimum of one partner, 2. Never use the trail after dark, 3. Never bicycle, jog or walk using stereo ear buds that will interfere with your ability to hear noises in your immediate area, and 4.  Always carry a cell phone and maintain awareness of the mile markers (numbers painted on the trail surface) and landmarks as you cycle, jog or walk along the American River Bike Trail.   The mile marker numbers and landmarks provide important information to help authorities identify your location in the event of an emergency situation.


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One Response to Bike Trail Assault: Near Sunrise Walk Bridge

  1. More and more people look like they are living in the park and are on obeying the rules of the bike trail. I see that more attention is being payed to porta-poties than just having rangers ride the trail on a regular basis. How could it be to have county officers do a continueus loop around the trail?
    Skate board riders are violating the rules by being on the bike trail and riding down the center side by side along with pedistrians and Parents of very young children allowing their todlers wonder across both lanes without supervision.
    It is hard enough to spot cones, branches and rocks let alone obsticles like the homeless and people that defy basic rules meant for everyone to enjoy this unique trail paid for by hard working tax payers. We need to protect it and it’s protocol to keep from harsh ristrictions from being imposed. It is no secret that the fires were started by homeless campers and why can’t these kind of things be address before the trail gets such a bad reputation as it is moving in this direction. People are advised not to go alone. Pro riders are also ignoring rules by riding side by side and not staying within their lanes. The rules are so simple and all we need is a presence of authority.

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