Group Question: Regarding Trail 3.5 Miles From Discovery Park

One of our website visitors forwarded a question related to a new dirt trail that branches off from the main bike trail 3.5 miles from Discovery Park.   The question is as follows:

I notice at the about 3.5 miles mark from discovery park there is a new dirt trail next to bathrooms off the main paved trail. The trail is marked. Can you tell me more about that . How long is the trail, is it a loop. It looks good for running and walking for those who have knee injuries or may be recovering from one.

Does anyone have information to share regarding the question above?  If so, please post a comment to this post.


Rock Throwing Along The American River Bike Trail

The Sacramento Bee is reporting some recent violent acts, including rock throwing at bicyclists, along the American River Bike Trail.   The article identifies some homeless folks that live in the area as the perpetrators. 

As always, safety is the highest priority when traveling the American River Bike Trail and other areas.   If you learn of any similar incidents along the bike trail, it is important to report the incidents to the rangers that work along the American River Parkway.

The Sacramento Bee article can be found at the following link: Sacramento Bee Article