Are Sacramento Street Bike Lane Markings Reducing Bicycle Accidents?

This morning, Saturday, we saw a gentleman and his two young sons on smaller bicycles traveling along Carlson Drive in front of California State University, Sacramento.  All three of them, all wearing bicycle helmets, were obviously proceeding toward the American River Bike Trail for a Father’s Day weekend bicycle ride.

It was interesting to note that the father was clearly paying attention to the bright green markers along both edges of the street designed for bicyclists.  He also looked back frequently to make sure his young sons were within the bright green bicycle path.  They all paid close attention to the changes of the signals as they proceeded across J Street toward the bicycle trail.

It was rather ironic to see the three paying attention to the bicycle laws pass the quadrant of the intersection next to the ‘ghost bicycle’, designed to remind folks of a tragic bicycle accident (or accidents) that have occurred at that specific intersection in the past.

What is the point of this article?  We all periodically see bicyclists racing through intersections against a red light.  We all periodically see cars leaving less than a reasonable amount of space along a roadway for bicyclists.   However, on this day, it was nice to see brightly marked edges of the roadway designated for bicyclists.  On this day, it was nice to see the three gentlemen proceeding across the street following all the laws.

We will never know exactly how many lives were saved by the presence of the ghost bicycle at the intersection.  We will never know exactly how many bicyclists were spared death or injury since the City of Sacramento marked the bicycle lanes with bright green paint.

However, it is a safe bet to assume many lives have been and will be saved by improving public roadways for safe bicycle use.  If a measure to mark bicycle lanes and make other improvements to an intersection or public roadway appears on the ballot during an election in the future, please vote ‘Yes’.



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