2 Responses to American River Bike Trail Suspected Booby-Trap

  1. BicycleMachine says:

    It is truly sad that folks like us that enjoy an innocent recreational activity like bicycling along the bike trail need to be concerned with the criminal element placing dangerous obstructions across the American River Bike Trail and engaging in other criminal activity. But, as we all know, that is reality.

    Although we all have to be mindful and watch ourselves along the entire bike trail, it makes sense to be more careful when entering and traveling through tunnel areas, under bridges and other hidden sections of the bike trail. This is even more important as the daylight hours become limited between the fall and spring seasons. It is possible that a cowardly criminal may feel that he or she can set up an obstruction like a dangerous fishing line across the trail when in the darkness and/or hidden in a tunnel or under a bridge out of plain view from rangers and other bicyclists. Bicyclists beware!

    Following Cindy’s lead in her story above, we should all be sure to report suspicious and criminal activity to help the police and rangers stay informed of criminal activity along the bike trail.

    Cindy: Thanks for your story. Great job on reporting this incident to the rangers. This will help them maintain a closer watch for similar criminal activities resulting in a safer bike trail for everyone.

  2. Cindy says:

    Two weeks ago someone stretched a fishing line across the trail that I did not see. It got me in the face and got tangled up into bike, thankfully I didn’t crash. I did get cut across the bridge of my nose. It was on the south side of the river between Howe and Watt, closer to Howe! I reported it to the park ranger.

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