American River Bike Trail Safety

Safety is priority number one when using the American River Bike Trail.  Some basic safety suggestions:

  • Use the American River Bike Trail only when accompanied by a friend or as part of a group of people with a familiar organization,
  • Use the bike trail during the daylight hours only to maintain visibility of surroundings. It is important to be mindful that the days become shorter with less daylight as we approach the Fall and Winter Seasons.   Change bike trail use schedule based on available daylight.
  • Avoid the use of trails that branch off of the paved bike trail.
  • Have a cellular phone available in the case that emergency assistance is needed.
  • Bike trail users should never use the bike trail while using electronic personal ear hearing devices. This may distract the ability to detect activities occurring in his or her immediate area.

Do you have additional American River Bike Trail safety suggestions?  Please share any additional safety suggestions in the form of a comment below.  Thank you!

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