American River Bike Trail Closed South of Negro Bar – Folsom Lake SRA

The following is an update on the American River Bike Trail closure just south of Negro Bar in the Folsom Lake SRA from the local Superintendents office of the California Department of Parks and Recreation:

On the night of Saturday, January 22, 2017 a portion of the Orangevale Bluffs failed and a large area of rock and soil covered the American River Bike Trail. The trail is currently closed in both directions just south of Negro Bar. The area has been evaluated by a geologist and was deemed too unstable at this time to conduct clean-up and repairs of the trail. We have been advised to wait until spring to allow the area to dry out and stabilize prior to placing heavy equipment in the area that could trigger additional slides. Fencing, barricades and signs have been erected on both sides of the slide to define the closure area. Because of safety concerns we ask everyone to please stay out of the closed area, additional slides could occur at any time without warning. Cyclists and other recreationists should use the bicycle trial on the south side of Lake Natoma as an alternate route between Hazel Avenue and Folsom Boulevard.


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